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We can now outfit all of your BOX’s needs! Call us today for a quote on products from Concept2, Hi-Temp, Pendlay, MuscleDriver, Dynamax, GP Industries and more!
What makes our company different ?

At TRU-Strength Fabrications, we make it our goal to customize our products to fit both your needs and your space. By offering custom designs and build-outs, our process in fabricating involves you, the client, to ensure you get exactly what you desire. In addition, all of our products are completely modular, allowing you to easily add-on to any rig design in the future!

Whether it’s a unique design, challenging space and/or adding modifications to adapt to your current system(s), our experienced fabricators use imagination, ingenuity and creativity to design a product to fit both your budget and your needs.

“A welder is someone who puts metal together but typically has more of an appreciation for the function. A fabricator can create from scratch and even has the ability to work from just a rough sketch idea. The difference is that a fabricator has the ability to figure things out-it’s a much more creative process, an art that values the function and the form.”

-Clinton Cornelius

Our Promise

Our goal is to provide you, our client, with a genuine product to fit your budget, needs and desires and ultimately help you achieve TRU-Strength!

We also pride ourselves with offering a 5-year guarantee on ALL metal products. We figure if you can’t break it, it can’t be broken!

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TRU-Strength Fabrications supplies equipment for the NPFL Combines. Click here for more information!

TRU-Strength Fabrications provides equipment for the 2nd Annual HOTSHOTS19 Event. Click here for more information!

The love of fitness and community is what encouraged our team to establish TRU-Strength Fabrications, LLC. Introduction into the sport of fitness more than six years ago prompted us to expand our vision of not only adapting to but improving on the equipment currently available in the marketplace. Being in the “community” ourselves, we possess the experience and know-how to not only offer and implement suggestions on how to improve your current equipment, but we also fully design new and innovative products that surpass what is offered by our competitors. At TRU-Strength Fabrications, we strive to constantly challenge and improve ourselves…..why should the equipment we use be any different?

Whether you need a custom pull-up station, kettle bell rack, sled, scaling wall or anything in between, we at TRU-Strength Fabrications can, with confidence, satisfy your metal works needs.

“You Dream It, We Create It”

Email: info@tru-strengthfabrication.com

Facebook: TRU-Strength Fabrication, LLC