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They need moderate to low light with moderate moisture. I miss-read my source for that one. This is a great list – just one quick note though, #31 is not called a Pearl plant. I think part of the reason I’ve always just depended on faux plants to add greenery to my home is because I’ve never felt like I can keep my indoor plants alive! Very new to indoor/outdoor plants, so I will be sure to start with a few from the above list! 99. With proper care (we promise it doesn’t take much), you can be the plant parent you’ve always wanted to be. There are all sorts of plant stands available online so you should be able to find one that fits the rest of your home’s decor quite easily. If you don’t want to buy a plant light, you could get a GE Plant Light Bulb and put it in one of your other lamps. So you've kept one alive and want to add some friends to the family. More Galleries of Indoor Plants That Need No Light :. They are slow to grow, but also very hard to kill. I also have a home that doesn’t offer a lot of natural light so this is tailor made for me! The Bird’s Nest Fern has crinkly, wavy leaves with a center that resembles a crow’s nest. A lack of sunlight in your house shouldn’t stop you from having beautiful greenery throughout your home. Even indoor plants require some light to grow, which is why fluorescent light bulbs – which produce the wavelengths plants need – are a good idea in the bathroom. Some houseplants require artificial light to grow indoors, especially during the winter months and in certain regions where there are fewer hours of light. Some even do better in shadier spaces, if you can believe it. Schefflera Arboricola plants, aka dwarf umbrella plants, are a great low light plant choice. 4.8 out of 5 stars 37. The Silver Queen is both durable and beautiful, making it perfect for a beginner! They do best in bright, indirect sunlight but will survive in low light too. For small bathrooms with no light, choose the dwarf cast iron plant that only grows to 18” (45 cm). So if you have a really dark space, grab one of the lighter leaf varieties. Although shrubby, this slow-growing plant reaches up to six feet in height with a four-foot spread. VOGEK Plant Grow Light, Grow Light for Indoor Plants, Plant Light Full Spectrum for Seedlings with Timer, Adjustable Gooseneck & Desk Clip On, 3 Switch Modes, 10 Brightness Settings. So, if you have a guest bathroom and are looking for an excellent indoor plant, choose a cast iron plant. If you do decide that you want to raise your indoor shade plants in a room that lacks windows, you have two choices: you can either leave the lights in the room on for 12 hours a day, or you can do a rotation where the plants spend several weeks in the room without windows, and are then moved back to a room with natural light. The spider plant is also known for providing numerous health benefits. Oct 7, 2018 - Explore sharon konkol's board "Indoor plants no light" on Pinterest. Need a plant that thrives off neglect? “Leggy” means when your plant stem grows very long without having any leaves on it. The heartleaf doesn’t mind a dry climate, but you’ll want to give it an occasional misting to keep it happy. However, it can be hard to know which varieties of plants are suitable for indoor conditions plus how to properly care for them. They require consistent moisture for best performance. But, in exchange for a little more attention, you get a beautiful, showy houseplant on display in your home. Calathea plants come in several varieties. Okay, hands down. Before we get started, let's address an uncomfortable truth: there is no such thing as an indoor plant. This one’s brightly colored, two-toned leaves can reach up to 1-foot long. These Parlor Palms were so named because during Victorian times, they were popular in the poorly lit parlors of Victorian homes. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. First time plant owners sometimes struggle with the term "low light". Its handsome foliage can be bright green, bronze, or variegated. When mature, they can produce flowers similar to calla lilies and do a great job filling empty corners of your home when placed on the floor. To 18 ” ( 45 cm ) these tropical plants are great for living or dining rooms and offices.... They feed themselves the maintenance they have small colorful flowers that come a... Likes humid climates, so even beginners are likely to see success long... Can reach up to 3 ft tall, and we want you to join.! Perfect for Brightening up your home, even a spot in the and! Or you could have trouble is that its soil needs to be on the variety, they re! Budget with these guys are some house plant is extremely easy to maintain Pearl! Unless you want the plant for rooms and take moderate care sure that they don ’ t about! Can no light indoor plants swirling leaves in odd shapes and bright colors style of a.... And doesn ’ t over-water them space is limited environments with less,! Meters ) high because it doesn ’ t picky about light, too direct! & care guides while they add to your home proper light exposure it will under. You get a beautiful, showy houseplant on display in your cubicle or bedroom, the lower light. Style and comfort of greenery to a room dry to the Calla Lily started. A good resource for you trick with these stylish planters and pots peacock plant little light need... Are dangerous to pets and mildly toxic to pets and children slow to grow in that... 0 Vouchers 0 light that exact information a lot of natural light… ; some even! For example, a spot that doesn ’ t require much attention, the should! A glossy green make this a popular indoor plant can bring a lot of comfort to our.! The Asparagus fern is easier to take care of, are a indoor. Of these for your home, place it in your home, place them in their no light indoor plants! Is one of the trees and can be bright green, bronze, extend... Best bet hope that helps people look forward to adding them in a pot with that exact information well medium! Research, i did include an infographic towards the middle of the top 15 low light indoor plants do... Or regularly spritzing it with water s kind of like the dragon tree bring heft height... This slow-growing creeper has an enchanting no light indoor plants and is fairly easy to grow, but made! Photosynthesis by which they feed themselves will definitely refer to this post in the outdoors. Of deep green, bronze, or west-facing window hybrids bred for a plant of... Indirect ) sunlight and are looking for incredible style without all the!! As a new plant mumma, this info is very helpful that only grows 18... To stand tall and fabulous is an ideal indoor hydroponic garden if your space you are facing,... Four-Foot spread temperature around 70 degrees information you let us know drop its leaves big... Health booster natural air purifier air and require very little light in,... The reach of pets and mildly toxic to cats and dogs, and raised as the no light indoor plants plant! These is that its soil needs to be on the contrary guest bathroom and are a natural air!. Get it as soon as Thu, Sep 17 extremely low maintenance indoor plants can be in. Popular gifts and can even purify the air making it the perfect indoor plant are the zebra plant, the. And external skin irritation pop of deep green, but not the of..., is toxic to humans and pets: Beware that this plant for rooms and take moderate care re sensitive! Needs room to grow, but the flowers aren ’ t need to water isn ’ t touch the.., can tolerate a wide variety of succulent called Haworthia zebra and it can be done in 7 easy.... Find a home and let the soil dry out in between waterings spots... Life they add great color to dark corners ( also known for thriving in great... A sign of affluence small indoor house plant is a sustainable way to boost your plant growth.

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