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However there was a … RMS - What does RMS stand for? It stands for "Royal Mail Ship". In physics, the RMS current value can also be defined as the "value of the direct current that dissipates the same power in a resistor." What does RMS stand for? RMS stands for Root mean square. However, the dual meaning was also "Royal Mail Steamer", because the Titanic carried mail under the auspices of His Majesty's postal authorities. My assumption was that the title did not remain past that date. At that time, all ships, military and civilian, that were under the British flag carried the distinction of "R.M.S." Other people say it stands for "Royal Majesties' Ship". RMS stands for Royal Mail Steamer. A newspaper once said that "there never was a more audacious experiment in marine architecture" than the R.M.S. Additionally, what does RMS stand for? The RMS Titanic was indeed a Royal Mail Ship. Do not confuse with those squares or means; the easiest way to understand RMS is simply it’s just an unique way of finding out the “average”. RMS: Royal Mail Ship or Royal Mail Steamer "Royal Mail Ship" or "Royal Merchant Ship" referring to the British Crown's granting rights & authorities to shipping companies/business to work as legal agents of the Crown. Or, if QEII were to die and Charles took over the crown, “His Majesty’s Ship.” These are Royal Navy warships-they have but one purpose, to defend the United Kingdom and her overseas interests. We all know the Queen Mary is an RMS, although Cunard apparently see that more as an honorific than anything else. RMS, in formal terms, means "Royal Merchant Ship". Lusitania.But on May 7, 1915, a German torpedo sunk the massive ship… RMS abbreviation stands for Royal Mail Ships. HMS stands for “Her Majesty’s Ship”. Looking for online definition of RMS or what RMS stands for? RMS is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms. In the case of a set of n values , the RMS is. RMS stands for Royal Mail Ship or Royal Mail Steamer (the use has changed somewhat over time as steam power was replaced). The Mauretania served as a troop ship and also hospital ship for allied casualties. Many RMS ships were repurposed for military use during the war effort. ... Rights Management Services (Microsoft Windows Server 2003) RMS: ... Royal Merchant Ship: RMS: Roosevelt Magnet School (Peoria, IL) RMS: What is the abbreviation for Royal Mail Ships? When … RMS is Root Mean Square. HMS stands for His or Her Majesty's Ship depending on whether the current monarch is a King or Queen. What is RMS current? Ships are only supposed to use the RMS designation when they are under contract to the Royal Mail in the UK to carry mail on behalf of the British government, and have the right to fly the pennant of the Rotal Mail while doing so. Equally the Queen Elizabeth 2 was certainly an RMS up to and including May 1st, 2004. Royal Mail Ship . It is assumed you are not a mathematician or have strong engineering knowledge so let’s explain this term in the easiest way.

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