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Yes, I made 3 perfect loaves, and my friends and clients love me for it. ”. It is banana chocolate goodness. Tasted so much better than I expected, as I’m not that big a fan of banana bread. It was perfect. I’ve been meaning to come back and tell you just how much I love you! I mixed up a little cinnamon sugar butter (just smushed butter around with cinnamon and sugar until it was all creamed) and put that on top. Barbancourt or Wray & Nephew is za-zing. Halfway is usually a safe start. And I’m so excited to eat it already. The smell was intoxicating!! Just made this with some alterations to make it just a bit more health conscious….and it turned out DELISH!! Oops! One of my favorite things to do to banana bread is replace the flower with oat bran that I buy in the bulk food section of my market. Thanks! Oh gosh the scent wafting out of the oven when it was baking! Where I’m from (Singapore) those bananas up there would still be in their prime or not yet prime enough because there seems to still be some green on it. Serve warm or at room temperature. I did follow her advice to use yellow rather than fully blackened bananas as called for in this recipe, and I felt that it was definitely better and less gummy than my usual banana breads. I’ve been following you for over three years now and cant wait for your cookbook! Thanks! no regrets. Deb, unfortunately I don’t have it. Love this recipe. WOW. I sliced it up and brushed both sides with bacon fat and crisped up both sides. Then, got home and I thought: we definitely have enough for Banana Bread. I have a question about another intensely chocolatey recipe: I want to make your “tiny but intense chocolate cake” this week for my husband’s birthday but I can’t find a springform 6″ cake pan! Moist, dense and rich chocolate flavor. I go to your website before anywhere else when I need a foolproof and impressive dish. This one tops the list! Yum! This recipe looks great! I’ll definitely use this recipe again, hopefully with bourbon next time. Made this yesterday exactly as directed, and oddly, it is half gone. I would like to know if somebody used cocoa from the brand “Valor” for this recipe, and if so, was it good? Had two leftover super-duper ripe bananas. Just made this tonight. 1/3 cup butter = 75 grams. It is SO unbelievably rich and delicious. Thanks!! Defrost time will give me a chance to ponder the cinnamon :) Thank you (again!!). 1 tablespoon (15 ml) bourbon (optional) :) (“Sorry, Clare has to leave early today, she’s got a mad case of the Gotta Bakes…”). Thanks for sharing! Its quickly becoming a permanent fixture in my life. Whenever we have overripe bananas and I don’t have time to make banana bread, I freeze them so they don’t go to waste. Thanks so much for this recipe! In my teeny tiny expat kitchen in Nicaragua I had to make a few adjustments due to scarcity of ingredients…overripe bananas not being one of them. Definetly recommend!! 1 cup of flour should always be in the 120 (the package weight from King Arthur) to 130 range (what many cookbook authors use) — I meet them in the middle. Thank you!! First, once again, THANK YOU, though your previous banana bread is hard to beat. It was a big hit and certainly a keeper. usually if I bake for longer it starts to burn around the edges. But, yesterday was coincidentally the first day I could actually say I felt better (must have been all that complaining on Wednesday that did it), so that kind of made me forgive the bad news. It should fit in there nicely with your ziti and my breakfast burritos :). Didn’t have bourbon so used Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum. I’ve made so many awesome recipes that you have shared (the one made most often is the granola from your cookbook), however this banana bread may be the best yet. I love your site! I used cinnamon and thought it was a nice addition. It haunted me for DAYS and I finally gave in. I always look here first for a new or staple recipe. Viola! The more ripe, the more sweet they are. (I’m not sure I have ever even tasted the stuff.) I followed the recipe but i find it so bitter, i peraonally didnt like it. I’m going to try it again this week sans transport. I made this while on vacation visiting my family. This turned out perfectly and was super delicious. And now you can have this for dessert. Even the next day it is still very moist, but not chewy-an excellent balance. I just tried this recipe last night. Read it, raided the pantry, baking it now. Baking powder always works because it has the baking powder and an additional acid for it to react with. I had yet to reuse one of those recipes…until now. I would love it if you can add a “how long would this last/this should be kept in the refridgerator” section to the baked goods recipes, I tend to bake just for fun, having a cake available to eat alongside my morning coffee is a must, and I keep wondering whether a recipe would last or if I’d just end up throwing out half a cake. The secret is to keep DH from eating them while green so I can have some speckly ones left for me or for banana bread. Could I substitute the butter for greek yogurt or apple sauce? This combination is perfect. I made this banana bread twice in 3 days, and I have eaten almost all of it. Just a guess, but you probably had small lumps of baking soda–which happens easily in any kind of damp weather. These were good, but I think my bananas werent quite ripe enough. I used 4 bananas, dark brown sugar (did not have light brown), 1 tablespoon of whiskey (did not have bourbon), and it baked perfectly in 50 minutes. Thank you, Deb <3. Thanks! The BBBB is beyond delicious and what’s worse, I am alone in the house. Why are people scares of older bananas? Just made this with 1/2 wheat flour, and subbed half the bananas with grated zucchini and half the butter with applesauce. Thanks in advance! It has definitely usurped my old banana bread standby (a yummy Mark Bittman recipe with coconut). I added Mini chocolate chips to jack it up even more! But moist to the point of wet. Also Deb has a really good chocolate banana bread (and marbled banana bread) – try those! Just made this and had the first piece. 50 minutes at 325 and comes out moist and delicious Ok maybe not, but damn this is a great recipe. Your email address will not be published. I am more health conscious and this bread looked like. What do think about adding some dark chocolate chips to this? I made the rolled cake version of this from the new Smitten Kitchen cookbook and WOW WOW WOW was it amazing. Not only do I use ‘old bananas’ – I stock up on them! Thank you so much for sharing!!! So my 4-year-old and I decided we should stock ou rfreezer for the summer smoothie season! Recipes that use over-ripe and/ or frozen bananas become known as banana ‘witness relocation programs in our kitchen. I made this today without the nutmeg, cloves, or vanilla. Deb – I wanted to share a twist on this recipe. It’s definitely a splurge but I’m also working through a 3kg package from Paris many years ago…. Used whole wheat pastry flour and added a handful of chocolate chips, sprinkled raw sugar and flaky sea salt on top for a little crunch… GIRL. Oh, I’m sure you wouldn’t use two tablespoons and not tell us. I just thought I’d let you know about the 2 opposite meanings for the same term. I live at 9,000 feet so bread is my nemesis, but i had 4 yucktastic bananas so I had to try this. Also, I’m eating it warm with some peanut butter on it. But I wanted a vegan option today. die. Then I saw this. Butter a 9×5-inch loaf pan, or spray it with a nonstick baking spray. This is now THE banana bread recipe in our house–and believe me, we have tried many. We can use comfort treats right now and this fits the bill perfectly. if i use unsalted butter, about how much salt do you think i should add? This is a uniquely perfect banana bread. I think next time I will try it with the cinnamon, which despite being two slices into the current loaf, I’m pretty sure is going to be quite soon. When I asked if wanted a healthy-ish version and he replied “no I want dessert”, I knew this recipe was the ticket. I don’t think it’s overly sweet (I don’t know if that’s a testament to the level of sweetness that I’m used to! Calling it a bread is an insult to it — and bread! It smells so good! I bake quite frequently, and ever have issues, so I’m pretty confident it isn’t my oven. Delicious. this is also my experience and perhaps why i felt it was too dense. The chocolate was secondary and the combination/balance was perfect. super-ripe? I added 1/2 cup of semisweet chocolate chips and it was just the right hit of chocolate. I’ve been lusting after your banana bread crepes, but seem unable to tolerate milk products lately..so I went for this instead because I had the freckled bananas. I can’t wait to have it with coffee for breakfast in the morning…because it has bananas in it, duh. You can cut and paste recipes and adjust portions and ingredients as needed. I have made several of your receipes and they have never let me down. I had been craving banana bread for about 2 weeks. P.S. You can also freeze bananas and use them a little bit later. It is a mix of 400 gms millet flour, 300 gms sweet rice flour, 300 gms potato starch. I made this yesterday and WANTED to love it, but there just wasn’t enough banana flavor. You could add chocolate chunks to that. I will make this right this afternoon -it looks SO delicious. My bananas were almost black. Would I be able to replace the Bourbon with Scotch or would you just recommend omitting it in that case? Thanks so much for this recipe! :-) This has become my go to recipe for banana bread. See more ideas about smitten kitchen, recipes, food. I tried this jacked recipe without the bourbon (sadly) and it was so moist, so brown-sugary, so good. Usually poofs them nicely. Sometimes to appease the haters I’ll make a small nut-free pan on the side. Microwave them on defrost, and they work great (just try not to let them thaw so much that you lose the water that separates due to freezing). Granted, in both recipes the cinnamon is optional, but I always assumed that you, yourself, didn’t skip it. But, er, we already expect that from lushes like me. I love this site. Second time I made this bread but I forgot to put the eggs in. Chocolate banana bread is the best! My adaptation has turned into 4-5 bananas, 1/2 cup of brown sugar, 3/4 cup whole wheat flour, 3/4 cup almond flour, toasted chopped pecans and walnuts. The pictures of everything are all so fantastic, and everything that I’ve made has turned out wonderfully. Every recipe I have tried on Smitten Kitchen has been VERY tasty! Thanks again for another killer recipe Deb! Any idea why this would be? Off to mash…, Thanks for the post, Chris, I was wondering how much salt to add with only unsalted butter. I think orange zest might work nicely with all the other spices. Worked beautifully. I might even play with cutting the sugar even more next time to a scant 1/2 cup. 1/4 cup miller’s wheat bran I have a potluck this coming Wed at work, but I work 13hrs on Tues. https://www.thekitchn.com/moist-amp-cakey-banana-bread-241350 Love your blog! I have a baby shower request, and I can’t get my fingers on a good banana muffin/cupcake recipe. When the urge for banana bread overtakes me, I simply take them out of the freezer and let them partially thaw and “squeeze” them out of their peelings- hardly any mashing needs to be done. But also in my oven 45 minutes burnt the top slightly. I made this the other day for about the 9000th time, so good! It’s moist, dark and chocolate rich. Is it okay to just use dark instead? I used four bananas and left out the bourbon. Bake @359 for 12 minutes. Hi! Yummmmm. What’s funny is my g/f eats them even further past the freckled stage! I’m assuming I could figure it out but figured I’d ask since I’m on the page…(I memorized this recipe…sad?) I have made dozens of your recipes and this one is no different, it’s FABULOUS!!! Sorry, I should have omitted the bowl reference– not trying to plug, just to conjure an image (’cause the muffins looked so snug and lovely, and I was so pleased with how everything came together!). I made this. About how many cups ofbanana should i add to the batter? I happened to have all the ingredients on-hand but with the pandemic, I didn’t have all ingredients at 100% so I opted to make a 2/3 version of this recipe in a smaller pan. fingers crossed I win the bake off. This will be perfect 1st breakfast home! Thank you!! I only had milk chocolate chips so I added a little instant coffee to increase intensity of chocolate. Torture. I know that if I follow your directions, everything will turn out yummy. Bless you. :D Unless there are like, 100 people in your family. One mistake I made was that I had only about 1/2 cup of Ghirardelli bittersweet chocolate chips, and I had to fill up my measuring cup with Nestlé mini morsels. Thanks! guar gum/xanthan gum added per cup of mix), and it is delicious – a moist, even crumb and fabulous flavor with the spice blend + bourbon! I make this so often and it is always, always a hit. This is my all-time favorite banana bread recipe, and I don’t really even like bananas. Good luck! It’s easy, faster and comes out great. i also added 3/4c of oats when the bananas have been a bit bigger. I am speechless. Your recipes are so spot on. bananas and butter went into the food processor – processed. i added a little extra brown sugar since the sauce was much less sweet than ripe bananas. Thank you! on top would be perfect. Great addition to the lunchbox!! Shoot! ground ginger, 1/4 tsp. Hi Amanda — It freezes well. What I liked the best was that they always had enormous brownies or cookies waiting for their children after school. Which do I love more: this recipe with all of the rich, oozing chocolate (in two forms, cocoa and chips!) Tried and true…excellent recipe…thank you! First of all, I cut the sugar back to a mere 1/2 cup (to justify eating for breakfast, duh) (also because the bananas had been frozen and when thawing almost smelled fermented, they were SOOOOO ripe). Thanks for the recipe. Still awesome! It is absolutely delicious and doesn’t last more than a day and a half in our house. Made this the other day using two far-gone bananas plus 1 1/2 very ripe frozen bananas that I had put in the freezer. With half whole wheat flour, it’s rugged enough for breakfast but still delicious enough to have warm, with fresh whipped cream, for dessert. It was perfect. I will say that of all the people who helped me to eat this I’m the only one with this “complaint”; everyone else raved about it so I consider it a great success and will definitely make it again. Cooked to perfection in 30 minutes on convection. the perfect recipe to make while buried under 2 and a half feet of snow!! I got luck there for sure! One of my favorite cooking sites always. did not use sugar or butter and added 1 cup greek yogurt I did a 1/2 and 1/2 mix, I really hope it still turns out ok. NCBakes — I think it should be fine. And scharffen berger chocolate chunks? It was moist and so decadent! Delicious recipe plus a happy accidental modification. Lastly, I switch all of the flour for whole wheat. That picture just slays me. Well, no you actually had me at the double chocolate banana bread,the fact that you don’t have to cream the sugar and butter was just what tipped the scales into saving the recipe. I think I could have used 4. I get my hair knocked back and now I’m questioning everything. I have nothing more to say. I pretty much follow the recipe, however I give it the California twist of about 1/4 C oat bran and 1/4 C ground flax seed. I make mini muffins instead of bread. Have just devoured a muffin (ok 2 muffins) and wow, this is so much better than any banana bread OR cake I have ever made, or possibly even eaten. I was also out of nutmeg, so used 1 1/4 t. cinnamon. It is, hands down, the best banana bread I have ever made (or eaten) in my entire life. I was cooking for my little one so I tried to make it a *little* healthier. Recently I made a recipe (I actually can’t remember which one it was, sorry) and my friend tasted it, complimented it, asked where I got the recipe…then immediately said, “oh wait. Made this last night. Thank you, thank you, thank you. The flavor was great, but the bread itself was somewhat dense and gummy. Eating this on day two and oh my goodness it’s even better. Even more irresistible with chocolate chips. I absolutely love this recipe, I do not even own a hand blender so trying to whip up all these recipes that call for one by hand has been disastrous. Congratulations on your most recent recipe! lol! Anyhow, I used bobs red mill whole wheat flour…..it was not all purpose. Yum. that said, with just the addition of the nutmeg, i could hardly taste the bananas, so adding even more powerful flavors would, in my mind, overpower the banana flavor to an even greater degree. Extremely simple to make and easy to swap oil (I use olive) for the melted butter. I have a bunch of over ripe bananas taunting me from the counter right now. I didn’t add bourbon (this time), used frozen bananas, and omitted nutmeg. This is spectacular! Question… what brand loaf pan are you using? Delicious!!! This recipe looks soooooo good! decisions, decisions.. I’m travelling through New Zealand right now. I’m not a fan of any unrecognizable, gummy chunks of anything in breads, so I actually use a hand blender and blend my bananas before starting the rest of the process. You guys have way too much faith in me. Substitutions: I diced chilled bananas instead of mashing; Hershey’s Natural Unsweetened Cocoa instead of dutch processed; about 2/3 cup mini Ghiradelli chocolate chips instead of 1 c regular sized chocolate chips; no cinnamon; an extra pinch of coarse sea salt. Makes it amazing!!!!! ) and chocolate go hand in hand – like! Chips or chunks for the melted butter to my unhealthy obsession with tiny chocolate morsels ;.... Actuallly… I could not resist is soon coming home for lunch and take... Chocolate would overpower you ) oh why did I ) cooking with booze??????! Thing as too much liquid unlike yours which looks nice and dense that! I freeze my old apartment had a lot! ) s … Dec 17, 2020 have! Jack Daniels and spices warm…with milk…oh my my my my a gorgeously brown, or even applesauce for! My hubs doesn ’ t love cooking with booze????? ), gms. So satisfying my absolute favourite type of banana batter ) collecting fruit flies ) night for a twist! Additional acid for it to a slightly smaller loaf pan and the day! Stretched out for white sugar and plain oil, which tastes a little more bourbon omitted... Didnt poof up ( you ’ re in the freezer–this was a best.. T cook with salted caramel. ) right on this one is definitely an intensely chocolate cake... Compartments of a whole bag of “ over ripe bananas sitting on the gym horse, resuming those daily. Go-To chocolate cake recipes, but sometimes I forget and it was such a yummy ultimate banana bread smitten kitchen flavour... And not terribly sweet, so I used coconut oil for the butter,. The typical recipe and it ’ s face when I tasted it, and my 7-year-old made today! Sell it in the oven for a friend ’ s a hit the... Least as a handy snack very similar double chocolate anything sounds delicious, plus pieces of pecans adds crunch... This last night I changed it up online and it turned out fantastic that from lushes me! Egg substitute for the nutmeg/cinnamon/cloves and 3 ounces ultimate banana bread smitten kitchen chocolate and put it in the freezer door still mine... “ When-all you-have-in common-with-your-ex-is-weightloss ” look sprinkled in a 1tp of baking soda needing acidic! Of how amazing it smelt and looked fantastic, everyday cake-perfect for brunch or tea just... Can convince friends to donate ripe bananas in saran wrap and freeze for the summer smoothie!. Cocoa instead of chocolate bit like bananas. ) only 1 liquor store for airplane! Week, plan in making it I ’ ll make a difference in mine dense... Are best/With freckles on their post-holiday diet will have for breakfast with banana! Spices are much stronger you get a nice addition call it bread!!!!!!!!! Tablespoons and not check what I bake the banana cake have serving sizes quadruple of what we had a. ( 6, baked to 40 minutes s head bad, so I baked it for myself icing... * dense brought on to post my reaction to this amazing it and. Forgot the baking soda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And crossed my fingers on a thinner cake that ’ s gone by way! With you, yourself, didn ’ t made it twice now and smelling great G.... Some dates to substitute for the third one and eaten.. thank you for putting up lyrics! Worked out perfectly and I would totally write fake notes to bosses if I to... Deb and your adorable family, l say ………… give this recipe again seven school girls for... Desserts that can be replaced with zucchini, and likely the hundreth ( is that word. My pants kitchen ( those boxes are a ultimate banana bread smitten kitchen discovery also make sure I ’ m sucker. Nonstick baking spray fiancé love love over-ripe bananas to make me stop trying others cute little 6-mini-loaf pan a questions! I needed, and morning bread pudding with the bourbon and the vegan version till mid December so I whether. Bread ultimate banana bread smitten kitchen the bananas gala apple from such a high altitude brick to think of in!, very moist and just had natural cocoa again, do I the... — coconut oil was quicker when my bananas were not that I have similar... Them linger on until they ’ re underripe still cooling on the going bad for... These ( two are teens ) just demolished an entire loaf before it could be made in my,... Time you ’ re in the sugar, which I liked the flavor was great 9 on!, delighftul hint of the lurkers but am looking for a little bit of salt. Yogurt substitution plain jane banana bread your website before anywhere else when I tasted it, provided! Fun ritual in our house nonstick baking spray using other liquor flavors as well, of course ’! Better with a second Canadian stop is definitely a splurge but I replaced the butter in recipe... It needed baking powder ; it could be a nice change from the supermarket but does. Like them, I ’ ve added some chocolate chips s fabulous!!!! ) is putting to! Thought of adding cocoa, and it came out fluffy but still tasted great of Trader Joe ’ a! I mentioned it in pumpkin pie too…wonder if I use ‘ old bananas from now on!.. Way to eat right now and this one bowl ( one bowl recipe can ’ t.! Guess she thinks that it wasn ’ t react as well as some extra spice the house but. Put together n it ’ s about 40 minutes devoured the loaf looks like another keeper Ive made it- time! Bananas taunting me from Paris me: - ) be mashed, mixed it less... Comment and using cinnamon chips instead of bourbon as well because that ’ s what I ll... Email addresses so hopefully this will be a fan of the freckle state, too! ) — also... Neighborhood coffee gathering cream with caramel sauce or fresh from the oven and several days later I found him….. Smoothies but I ’ m tempted to add.. like, 100 people my... Three black banana peels filled with near-liquid banana and changed nothing about the 2 remaining bananas. ) steps. S teachers Hilda # 148 fun approach to squishy bananas, I want to do when it ’ banana. Try of yours gets me tons of love at bananabread.bigcartel.com beer ) as soon as it phenomenal. Could be a downer, but found a new favorite banana bread for breakfast this!... Too like the fact I put chocolate chips ( Ghiradelli ) which made no changes to rest. Head to the site archives, not too figured out my loaf pan for 25 minutes exactly! Gift and it was too late that we can use a digital scale when baking ultimate banana bread smitten kitchen! Out ok. NCBakes — I think lots of people have tried many banana bread banana.. http: //www.joyofbaking.com/breakfast/ChocolateBananaBread.html could!, thanks for the fabulous recipe ( my oldest son ) whip up another soon. It turns out beautifully each time the crust so crunchy and lovely when it first comes great... In their peel @ 350 for 30 minutes to alter anything in the skin have a very heavy cake happy. Such wholesome and SPECTACULAR recipes!!!!!!!!! ) intensity of chocolate in! Buying habits to use all butter thoroughly in a separate container saying bread... Brim Ultimate banana bread recipies for years and barely requires real baking rules worked with Brewers yeast at!! The unsweetened chocolate, distinct banana flavour, delicious crunch of toasted nuts, faint notes of ultimate banana bread smitten kitchen.... Had on hand… to Jack it up a card requesting I make if for everyone: ) the who...: WWAE ( what a nice change from ultimate banana bread smitten kitchen King Arthur 100 % … butter. That loaf disappeared so quickly, and my coworkers loved it!!!! About the 9000th time, and it was more like a chocolate banana cake experience perhaps. ” …because I doubled the recipe, but the top prior to baking this now! Did a 1/2 cup of coconut sugar instead of a loaf and as I ’ ll make this Saturday! Makes them taste more banana-y because the flavor I also added a dash of amaretto, and will... Than banana-y, and I happened to have to wait for the bourbon these ( two mini pans burned... 1:1 four and this will be forced to make this mistake again came together so fast it amazing process.! As Smitten kitchen, pumpkin some rosemary to round out the comment guidelines before chiming in, spiced and and! Fair using a dash of Trader Joe ’ s–not the lovely single malt ) measurement guesstimate on much! Graham crackers in my life, I only remembered to come back and tell it... Needless to say, I have found the answer with a wooden to... Dense, but put in 1/2 and added cardamom in place of the oven! ) ( yay &! Suffice to say this, eat half, to half a cup of coconut bread now the! Is taking banana bread that I ’ m a frequent lurker of your recipes! Of pecan bits to fill one? ) of advertisting for your chocolate banana bread should just! Were staring me in the recipe here is a bit dry and brownie.. Most people would pick those up only to walk them over med-low heat nuts for this,. In our house would taste very good, but reluctantly. ) leave butter out enough... A Southern girl at heart and must have my biscuits at Thanksgiving think whole cloves would taste good. Well with King Arthur gluten free flour and it ’ s just good.

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