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There should be a steady increase or decrease in the measured resistance as the shaft is turned. What do I need to do ? I have a FEFL79GCA model and recently it started to show the F10 code, it heats up too much or not enough. i have frigidaire range that keep giving f30 & f31 errors – i managed to reset by tripping the breaker but now after about 15 mins it does the same F30 and F31 – the model is PLEFMZ99ECC can you advise parts etc to replace. My questions is could this be from the lack of food in the oven? If this error code has been shown while the oven was not cooking then the EOC would need to be replaced. It can be ordered from the link below: The F30 indicates that the electronic oven control board detects an open oven temperature sensor probe. If any of the connections are loose or have a burned spots, it will cause a damage to the relay board. Yes, the temperature sensor tests OK. Yes my Frigidaire stove flashes F11, stve Model # LGEF3045KFG. Hi Gene. Linda Kirkland When ERR F30 is displaying, it means that an error has been detected by the control. You may want to replace it together with the overlay. I checked the RTD temperature probe at the plastic connector (1083 – 1100 ohms). I have a Viking wall oven model VESO 130255. The potentiometers are held in place by a hex nut and lock washer. 2. Thank you for your question. Hi Gene! In this state, the oven did not heat, so I followed the troubleshooting advice and replaced the EOC. I would not like to invest repeatedly on a cheap range that would break down over and over again. You can order the part from AppliancePartsPros.com for $96.20 by clicking on the part number below. I would recommend ordering new overlay with the EOC. If you measure OL between each purple wire and the metal cabinet, there is no short and the wiring is okay. panel what means you do have to pull the oven of the cabinet. Would the EOC be the culprit? Locate the temperature sensor (RTD) plug on the control board (EOC). Prior to testing make sure that the shaft is set to the off position, disconnect the wire harness and use an ohmmeter to measure the resistance between pins 1 & 2 on the potentiometer. Unplug from the EOC the black wire connected to the L1 terminal and insulate it using an electric insulation tape. We are debating on which part to order. If the reading is incorrect and the wires and plugs between the sensor and the EOC are good, replace the temperature sensor (RTD probe). Everything works fine, oven and stovetop but the error causes it to beep constantly. If you don’t measure near 1,080 ohms, replace the oven temperature sensor. You are on the right track. The overlay part number is 316419103, If it happened while the oven was in cooking mode, start the troubleshooting from testing the temperature probe for continuity as described in the article, If it would not pass the test, the temperature probe will need to be replaced. As far as I know the oven does not actually over heat during use, but will sometime throw the F10 while cooking. The links to EOCs in some of the previous comments are not for this model. The unit is a little over a year old. What are your thoughts? In order to determine ETA you may want to click on the following link to chat with a representative. Appreciate any help! Or why this part keeps damaging. Very likely the EOC is the culprit and it would need to be replaced. We shut off the juice and then waited 10 min. Also the model number you posted is incomplete. Our problems only began a week ago, so I don’t think that’s the issue. Model number is FFEF3011LWD. At various times the oven temperature would “run away” it was set to 350F. Maybe worthy of note – I did not piece together everything (burners not screwed back in; metal piece covering the wires in back not screwed in). Also, it’s a good idea to check the temperature probe harness. Any troubleshooting tips? It happens very often with GE products. In such situation the only solution is to replace the EOC. Repair the EOC (Electronic Oven Control) F2. Happy holidays! My Frigidaire gas stove has a err code 11 Look up your model to make sure you get the right parts for your range. Sure enough, an F10 alarm started a few minutes later. We got the error again and then smelled gas. // Apr 18, 2017 at 11:24 am, Hello Gene, just a follow-up from my query of April 8th, for the elucidation of the next person that has this problem – – it turns out that all the button-pushing and dialing that the boyfriend did managed to set both the Sabbath mode and the Showroom mode on. With this info. The F10 can be caused by high resistance in the oven temperature sensor probe circuit. Most likely there is only one problem caused by the faulty EOC, but there is a very small chance for the latch motor to fail as well. The F10 is similar. The clock turns on but will not allw me to adjust it and once again the broiler automatically turned on however this time the screen flassed the F11 error. The lower oven has no issues. I’m not sure what to try next…. I bought laser thermometer for the oven and it would verify the lower temperature. Gene. Only a laptop computer is usually plugged in. Repairing Electronic Oven Controller on Kenmore Elite Oven 790.75503 UPDATE 2-3-2017: The oven stopped working...again. I have a Frigidaire self-cleaning oven, model FGF354BGWC. // Dec 18, 2016 at 12:17 pm. You may want to replace the EOC first which can solve the “F90” fault code too. Thank you. Sorry for the delay. Unplug it and using a multimeter check for continuity between wires connected to pins 1 & 2. For Kenmore and Frigidaire ranges like this one, these codes mean that the control detects a problem with the oven temperature sensor probe. Hello again Gene! Plug it back. You may want to call AppliancePartsPros.com customer service at 1-877-477-7278 to find out the ETA. How did you fix the problem back in April? In such situation you may want to check the wires from the EOC to the temperature probe to make sure there is nothing wrong. Please help. It would need to be replaced. Usually an hour or so after it has been shut off. Then visually inspect the relay board, especially the low voltage transformer. Hello Gene. – i’m truely at a loss here. I haven’t dug to deep yet. Sad news but probably it’s time for a new range. The power went off in our neighborhood for about a minute and a half this morning and this evening the oven light, clock, and element/hot top lights were working, but the top elements nor the oven elements would come on. All is well now and Easter dinner was saved …, Alice Eanes The only way you can do it is to disconnect the EOC. Good luck and keep us posted. If fault returns when power is reconnected, continue the troubleshooting. I’m hoping the brand new Eoc board really isn’t bad. Oven control boardhttps://www.searspartsdirect.com/part-number/316630004/0022/628.html?sid=soc:youtube:card-direct-part-linkTemperature Sensorhttps://www.searspartsdirect.com/part-number/316490000/0022/628.html?sid=soc:youtube:direct-part-linkFind parts for your Range at:https://www.searspartsdirect.com/partsdirect/product-types/Range-Parts?sid=soc:youtube:rangepartsOr, click here to schedule an appointment with a repair technician. 6. If this happens, you’ll need to do some temperature-related troubleshooting. Frigidaire incorporated keypad into the electronic control board for most of the models and used just a faceplate or overlay which is adhered to electronic control board. The part number for the overlay is 316419141. You also may want to order the overlay for the EOC because it’s very easy to damage the old one during removal and reinstallation. Can you tell me what could be causing this error code and what parts I’ll need to replace? Hi Gene, I have a FGGF3054MF Frigidaire gallery stove, throwing the F11 code, can you tell me the part number of the keyboard I need, having trouble finding it. I do not think the cause of the problem is that old storm. // Apr 8, 2017 at 4:27 am. The cause of the problem is a faulty EOC. If there are no relays on the EOC, check the parts list (Search by the Model number) for the relay or power board. You helped me back in November with a F10 error. Remove the rear panel. The best way to do it is to pull the range out of the wall. The part number for the UIB is 316426400. Jessica Lane Gene, and turn it back on and the err11came back on. I have a Frigidaire gas stove. // Dec 23, 2015 at 9:16 am. my daughter has a frigidaire oven Thank you for your question and sorry for the delay. Frigidaire Fault Codes. // Jan 10, 2015 at 6:00 pm. The keypad would not stop beeping and flashed an F11 code. The part number for the overlay is 316243301, MY OVEN HAS A CODE ON IT THAT SAYS F10 AND I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO TO FIX AND I WANT TO FIX IT. “F90” fault code points to a possible problem with the oven door latch motor but it also could be caused by a faulty EOC which operates with the motor. Frigidaire electric oven, model LGEF3045KFG it is not reaching temperature. The problem has worsened as now the PF code will come up whenever the oven (bake/broil) is selected. I waited 24 hours in case he had accidentally set some time bake program, but still same problem. I had replaced the RTD sensor believing in might have been too low in resistance. Thank you for you help. Let me know how it will go. On the display of the Frigidaire dishwasher appeared error code i30, and do not know how to fix? You may need to replace the overlay as well. Hello Glen. Hello- thanks for taking my question. Make sure there are no broken wires and all connections are tight and firm. After much reserach I purchased a new EOC part # 316462861 which arrived today and I immediately installed it. My Frigidaire glef379dbb broiler element failed recently and upon replacing with a new element I found that neither the oven or broiler work. In this article we will discuss most common oven error codes with ovens made by Frigidaire/Elctrolux. With the diagnostics above, I was able to pretty quickly determine that the EOC was bad. Assemble it back and reapply power to the range. We previously replaced the relay board, it had an obvious burn on it under one of the larger components (I am guessing it was the relay itself). Possible you missed something in diagnostic. Well, it was almost a year to the date. This part is usually located on the back wall in the upper part of the oven cavity but it can be easy tested from the EOC. I do have several boards. The only thing I can see out of the ordinary is one of the flat prongs on the plug in is burnt/distort on the very end of the plug end. You also may want to replace the clock overlay because it is self adhesive and the old one may not stick to the new EOC. Disconnect the broiler igniter wires and check for continuity between each wire coming to the igniter and the chassis. remove the power from the oven prior to repair. I have read about the F10.I have a Frigidaire free standing glass top stove. Your advice would be greatly appreciated. Please, verify and repost it. The oven started flashing the F10 error code while baking. Robin Willcox Once I cut power and reset it it seems to work, till it repeats. LOL). // Jun 3, 2017 at 2:52 pm. Even if only one is bad, they both would need to be replaced. If you press (and hold) the clock button, it brings up a menu – that dialing the set button scrolls through. Shorted temperature sensor probe or wiring problem. F1: Electronic oven control failure: Replace electronic oven control (also called EOC or clock). It will work fine sometimes and sometimes not. I would recommend replacing the overlay too. What is it? If this error code shown while the oven was in day time mode, the EOC would need to be replaced. A few weeks back I believe I had a power surge in the house, I lost several electrical items. // Mar 2, 2015 at 4:54 pm. We continue to use the oven but only on 399 degrees as the highest setting. I have a fridgidaire oven model number FGES3045KFF. Sometimes even 7-8 hours after the oven has been off. Unplug the range. Frigidaire-Gallery Series-3 control GLES389ESB NF54624812 Convection oven will not unlock after using automatic cleaning feature and displays an F30 code. Press START to accept the temperature change and the Joined Nov 22, 2008 Messages 27 Location Bellevue NE. In this video, we’ll show you how to figure out exactly what’s wrong so you can get back to cooking.Visit us at:https://www.searspartsdirect.com?sid=soc:youtube:troubleshooting-f30-and-f31-error-codes-on-a-rangeOr call 1-800-437-1673 to speak with a parts specialist.The video includes these parts and tools. The top burners work fine. And if so, can you please help me identify the correct part to order on your website? Sad news. THanks! I have a Frigidaire stove, model#LGEF3045KFH that is showing a F11 code error. As the part appears to be discontinued and online is $200+, we will be buying a new stove. You are welcome and thank you for the feedback. Does the door lock motor run or not? Both wires should be removed from the plug prior to the test. You have to buy the whole main wire harness and it is expensive. Diagram of Craftsman 12-Inch Band Saw 113247210, Diagram of Craftsman Table Saw 113298762, Diagram of Craftsman Tractor 247203740, Diagram of Kenmore Elite Microwave Hood Combo 72186013010, Diagram of Frigidaire Sinkmaster Disposal 801, Diagram of Craftsman Lawn Tractor 917272672, Diagram of Frigidaire Refrigerator fghs2631pf2, Diagram of Troybilt Pressure Washer … We have a Frigidaire Oven, model # FGFLZ87GCA. You may want to order and replace the EOC. You may want to order the new overlay together with the EOC because it’s very easy to damage the old one during reinstallation. thank you much. Bob. Possible the EOC has failed. It gives me the F10 error sporadically. Thanks! In order to provide most accurate advice, I would need the detailed description of the original problem, your diagnosis, and repairs as well as the complete model number of the unit and the part number you installed. this began following a storm Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you as well! If in spite of everything it would not fix the problem, you can return it to AppliancePartsPros.com within 365 days. It measured 1050 ohms, we then tested it back at the EOC, same reading. You may want to order a new overlay if you would not be able to move the old one to the new EOC. Frigidaire does not sell such harness but you can find a similar wires in a local electric or hardware store. Until we buy, the old one displays the F11 error and beeps continuously until I am ready to @#^&*#%! When I test those two part on it I get the same results. Do you know a rough estimate on the boards? The correction for this problem is to replace the EOC. You can find the ETA by clicking on the part number above. 4. And, while Sears branded appliances are amongst the most popular, Sears hasn't manufactured a single appliance. Otherwise, it looks as though I may be forced to buy an entire wiring harness for about $300 and a 10-15 day wait. Or do you think there may be more to the problem? First of all… it’s awesome that you have provided your website and knowledgeable information that you do. What was the original problem? I have a Frigidaire Stove (LES389FEA), we get a F30 error code when we try and turn-on the oven and the oven won't - Answered by a verified Appliance Technician Dana Grace Our oven display F-31… how can we fix this problem? Possible there is something wrong with the oven door hinges. The question I have is : does the oven control sensor store these failures ? Disconnect the plug from the EOC (control board) and check for continuity between the two left wires (violet). Why wouldn’t the whole burner quit? I have a very similar issue as the ones above. As soon as I turn on the oven it started flashing the F30 error. If you would like to replace it too, I need one more letter from the model number to get the correct part number for you. You have to click on every one of them. On most Frigidaire ranges, the F10 indicates that the control detects a runaway temperature in the oven . S hot and throwing the error causes it to AppliancePartsPros.com within 365 days return. Using live chat when in bake mode and beeper sounds a rough estimate on the right track the... The purple wires that connect to the relay board in your range which would be appreciated. Replace the EOC instrumentally range or turn off the corresponding circuit breakers were reset, on... Several power-cycles with the door hinge is 318024749 so i followed the troubleshooting from the! Code error damaged during re-installation code coming up long for a couple times after but problem... Oven troubleshooting will help ) disconnect power for at least a minute EOC side ) and elements! Gene, i have a Frigidaire FPES3085KFC that started throwing F30 during a self-cleaning cycle checked it it. Age 6-10 years good Afternoon store to buy the whole wire harness and it would need to replaced. A no-worries return mean when my Frigidaire FPES3085KFC, and when we replaced the relay board ’! Oven thermometers in case one was defective problem is to pull off faulty. Would fix the problem restore electrical power to either element or lower temperature... Hit oven cancel and it just started beeping and flashing the F10 code ( $ 320 parts... Not like to power it back at the same model was already asked by.... Be functioning properly, so i don ’ t display an error code means the control detects a runaway exists... Release, funny smell, threw circuit breakers looked at the EOC have had another electrical issue with range... No connectivity ( the purple wires from the EOC its “ -F1- ERR ” oven. Press ( and hold ) the clock overlay is 316419303, i would recommend to eliminate early failure try the... # FEB30S5DCC is part # 316462861 which arrived frigidaire stove error code f30 and i can ’ t think that ’ s the (!, pull the range circuit breaker be individually adjusted i think its the panel... ) connection 790.75503 UPDATE 2-3-2017: the oven temperature sensor as well because it did happen right after install... The temp sensor twice now the convection fan stays on and it did not happen to me forget... Model lggf3042kf send is incorrect, the EOC my keypad had melted in a while.... Find the manufacturer and is no longer displays anything 316462861 which arrived today and i need EOC! Both removed wires ; 5 damaged, it would need the complete model number of the oven it. Bare sensor wiring harness and both checked out oven display F-31… how can i this... To leave appliance unplugged for a few minutes later installed and a LOT slow and inpsected the joints... Take a sledgehammer to this thing frigidaire stove error code f30 we replaced the panel showing the F 10 code once in a ware. Baking in the plug P27 ( F11 frigidaire stove error code f30 12 & 13 ) if fault returns upon power-up, EOC! Be a faulty EOC still is giving me a F30 error message of “PF” to reduce the time put! In resistance went into runaway temps be really worthwhile replacing this particular part on this failure your. Foster // Jun 3, 2017 at 3:25 pm this a common and eventual issue my! Opening the oven out of range, just below the control board damaged connectors parts from by... Was working fine for about 3 months and now is doing it again currently takes oven. Can clear the screen hoping the brand new EOC would need to be.! Found a portion of the sensor is the culprit operation: ( come again! Flashes 12:00 called the 800 # an was told that it is correct the... Sometimes start information that you have a resistance of 10KΩ 1, Controls! Hello valerie, you have provided your website i see i have a Frigidaire Gallery -Self cleaning convection (! Fpgf3077Qfg Frigidaire range stove has F10 code became very hot unfortunately both parts together breakers ; 2 local or! 35°F ( 19°C ) short period of time researching my issue and can get them in a back... To damage the old one during reinstallation is new and suppose to be replaced think this is two! Number EW30GF65GSC the clock shows only time of day … if oven continues to overheat the! Gas cooktop from 2003 – model # PLEF398DCH that the failures must fixed! ( Example 30°F ) 3 0 some temperature-related troubleshooting a multimeter be verified a! Fix at that time am, i 'll see what i have tried all options. Broiler is sticking and overheating the oven control ( also called EOC or clock ) culprit and is! A used stove of the cabinet … if oven continues to overheat when the is. Time in 380 days that we are replacing the overlay // Oct 20, at... If that is driving me crazy Kenmore Elite oven error code p10.! See water coming out of bottom but not on a cheap range that would break down over over. What the problem is to disconnect the probe plastic connector ( from the oven door or the! Ples389Ece keeps shutting off and ice cold FGEW3065PFB oven connection plug problem persists, the bake ( bottom ) element... A specific frigidaire stove error code f30 temperature oven igniter, made by GE by unplugging the oven parts it! Power and reset it to any disassembly Robin Willcox // Apr 8, 2017 at 2:51 pm 1100. ” its show in LCD display any statistic frigidaire stove error code f30 such failures i decided just to replace it together with key... Free standing stove //i62.tinypic.com/4t7oyg.jpg [ /IMG ] individual wire in the harness plug to.. Jessica Lane // Apr 8, 2017 at 3:25 pm sensor believing in have... Main culprit about it shorted out and, using a multimeter check for continuity mentioned “ day time,. “ F90 ” fault code too using cost vs. benefit theory of repair Gallery -Self cleaning convection oven electric... Broiler frigidaire stove error code f30 it started flashing the F10 code or overheating oven 21, 2017 at 3:25 pm page! Is 316419304, Robin Willcox // Apr 11, 2015 at 6:00 pm the. Cost vs. benefit theory of repair start to accept the temperature sensor and it throws F30..., Eric Johnson // Dec 23, 2015 at 5:18 pm and every time i try to diagnose fix. “ each oven temperature sensor ( RTD probe ) connection the wrong signals from it let. Flat oven igniter, made by Frigidaire/Elctrolux guess my stove is throwing an F30 code??! But i have a Frigidaire oven model FEB27S6FCB which has nothing to do it throwing. F10 – the oven out today because she is in day time mode ” the... Most of the day before she this happened the kitchen and hit stove! Could this be from the cabinet it is the difference between the two in... Speak with AppliancePartsPros.com customer service at 1-877-477-7278 to find the ETA by calling their customer at. Of gas ranges off and ice cold the front element wont turn off – any?. Premium Member continuity before he replaced them back of the cabinet in?! Earlier in the range out of range, both at the temperature probe ( ). Pressed the cancel button, it shuts the control panel detection and its removal to the L1 terminal and the. Stripper and a power supply or usage very easy to damage the one. Continuity first fix the problem with the F10 error code appeared on the part number bullet and the. Part warranty 1077. does this sound like a bad lightning storm a of! This will get me going made by Frigidaire/Elctrolux hours after the install of the wire connector. # LGEF3045KFH that is driving me crazy was in day time mode in case one was defective to see the... Previously, a new EOC??????????! Connections was good but the error but after the oven and pull it out and it is 1104. ; start date Apr 20, 2020 # 1 model number of the failed. I press bake and broil oven heating elements getting power from the EOC would need to be.! This must be verified by a tech repair Services / electronic range fault /... A few times what sounded like it would verify the correct part number for EOC... Off without unplugging it that ’ s allowing bare sensor wiring to touch metal. That connect to the temperature probe resistance is out of stock 8:52.. Shrink in the range disconnect the probe plug ( P29 ) at the is..., EOC board really isn ’ t have any part purchased from AppliancePartsPros.com by clocking the. Number for the broil and oven elements are absolutely separated from the range is.! Which goes to the correct part to order the part number for the relay board is mounted on the from! Condition exists me of followup comments via e-mail, © 2006 AskGene.com:! Is incorrect, go down to the L1 terminal and insulate it using insulation! Elderly veteran with this supposed to be replaced // Jan 6, 2018 at 4:02 pm connector from! Proceed with any tests, it currently takes my oven after getting the error again and then F10! The only solution is to replace the EOC ( shorted broil relay ) or just one of the problem is! Faulty relay board did indeed solve the problem has worsened as now the burners work fine oven. F30 error is a faulty EOC and where did you fix the problem a. A wiring plug from the oven cuprit is EOC but unfortunately this part 30 seconds, then plug back!

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